• 800 Saint Paul Street
  • Baltimore, MD, 21202
  • United States

Lots of us are looking for ways to positively affect the world, which is fantastic. The truth is you can do that, but the best and most effective way to create positive change and love others starts inside yourself. When you love yourself, you radiate outwards and start affecting everything and everyone around you.

Join Mary England at The Room for a special free workhop where we'll talk about self-love, self-care, and how to build self-esteem-- including body positivity! We'll talk about building the foundation and where to start, and then how to start radiating that love outwards to spread happiness in the world.

There will be goody bags for attending, plus a book signing! You'll be able to purchase Mary's five-star rated book on self-love, her self-love workbook, and other awesomeness that might intrigue you.

Come for a fabulous evening of positivity, real talk, and cheer. There will be sparkle, there will be sequins, there will be self-love. Let's start together!

The event is hosted by Artists Compound LLC / Chastity Sollmer. For more on Uncustomary check out Uncustomary.org.

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