Four Readers of Fiction
for the fall. 

The reading will take place at The Room - Mt. Vernon on the corner of E. Madison and St. Paul- coffee, food, wine, and beer. Beautiful cieling. 

Starts at 7pm, but things run late in Mt. Vernon. Ends by 10pm, but don't dawdle.

Tracy Gold:
Tracy Gold is a writer, teacher, and editor living in Baltimore, Maryland. She writes young adult novels, and short stories and poems for all ages. Her stories have been published or are forthcoming in YARN, Youth Imagination, Refractions, The Stoneslide Corrective, Un-Bloc, and The Stonecoast Review. 

Mia White:
Amelia White just fininshed her MFA at UB. She works a day job at a public library, answering strange questions and feeling overwhelmed by the number of books in the world. A Baltimore native, she loves plants, birds and clouds. She has been published in The Avenue, Baltimore Style and Baltimore Fishbowl.

Nikki Richard (
Nikki Richard is a multifaceted artist. Hir first book, Pretty Things, was recently published this May. Hir stories and poems have also been published in literary journals and anthologies including Mosaics, FIVE Poetry, and Skelter. Hir solo music project, STRKGRLS, infuses dreamy pop synths with hard-hitting trap beats and airy vocals. 

Jessica Welch:
Jessica received her masters in Creative Writing from the University of Baltimore, where she currently teaches. She is fascinated by emotional landscapes and building worlds out of words. When she is not writing or teaching writing, she is deeply involved in relaxation research with three over-indulged cats